The Spring 2018 Meeting
of the
Denizens of the Bar of Gold
will be held on

Saturday, April 28th at 6 PM  at the Cambridge Yacht Club.

Directions to the Cambridge Yacht Club

The Fall Meeting of the comrades from upper Swandam Lane will start at 6PM with a cash bar. Art Renkwitz will deliver greetings and direct the toasting ( Toasts) as the Denizens settle in for a delightful meal and unique festivities.

engraved invitation

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The Format for the Evening

A Case of Identity Pillow

The Featured Presentation By Adam Brooks

The Story of the Evening:

A Case of Identity

A Case of Identity Radio Show

The Dinner Menu


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Alice Zalik is creating the A Case of Identity Pillow.
  This is the preliminary shot of the A Case of Identity pillow front.  The color scheme is based first on Holmes' gold snuff box; Ms. Sutherland wears a black jacket with black beads and jet ornaments; Mr. Windibank works for claret importers; and the plot's fraud is a grey area not covered by law.  The beads will include genuine amethyst, no genuine gold, jet and hematite of various sizes and shapes and among the charms are a whip and a typewriter.  
A Case of Identity Pillow
The raffle will be held as usual. The winner's pillow will be delivered to them shortly thereafter.

The raffle tickets are $5 each and worth every penny to own this creative Sherlockian masterpiece. 
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The presentation of the evening will feature Adam Brooks

Deception in the Modern Age

Adam PortraitJames Windibank

The Master's recounting of A Case of Identity is intriguing not only due to the excellent subterfuge, but also the real undertones that are present in the modern age.

The motivations of Mr. Windibank have exploded into three modern day avatars: entrepreneurship, entertainment and economy which will be the subject of this talk.

To further illustrate how out of hand these "freakonomics" have become, I will offer one present day example of each aspect paired with my own personal experience.

Of the three personal experiences; two will be true, one will be a lie. The lie to be revealed either by myself, or the good Denizens of the Bar of Gold. 

Don't miss it. The game is afoot!
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The Quiz of the evening will test our knowledge of
A Case Logo

from "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"

Hosmer DancingDoyle a caseHolmes sleeping

Denizens Carla Howell and Beth Austin will supply the quiz questions with *prizes to the winners.

The Quizzes will be available upon arrival, and can be worked on throughout the evening. 

*Prizes will be given to the winners in the Rookie and Pro categories.

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Sherlock Holmes on the Internet
A Case of Identity Radio Show


Radio Production -1954
Click HERE to listen to the show

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The Dinner menu will be as follows:

Yacht Club Logo

Dinner rolls & butter


Choice of Entree:

6 oz. Filet Mignon
Chicken Marsala
8 oz. Broiled Salmon

Coffee & Tea


*$40.00 covers dinner. Please, include your specific choice of entree, email address (if you're not on the mailing list, or the address has changed) and telephone number.

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All-in-all it will be a memorable night that the Denizens are glad to be able to share.

The Denizens' Fall Meeting will be held on Saturday October 27th,  2018 .

Art Renkwitz

The Denizens of the Bar of Gold

1908 Pig Neck Road

Cambridge, MD 21613

If you have any questions about the evening, contact the Denizens by clicking the button below:



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